Why “Bit Badger”?

A while back, our primary developer Daniel learned through genetic testing that he had one gene that was not right (technically known as a genetic mutation). He is currently fine (thank you for asking), but his co-workers thought of another group of genetic mutants - the X-Men. They wanted to develop the mutant identity for him in that style; since Wolverine is already taken, they wanted something similar, but based on a member of the weasel family (for its normal private life and fierce tenacity, not its morals). They went through several different options, but when “Bit Badger” was mentioned, it was the winner. The Bit Badger's mutant superpower is the ability to shoot 1s and 0s out its nostrils!

Daniel liked this moniker, and decided to run with it. He had been growing dissatisfied with the name “DJS Consulting,” as he felt that name was passive. He enjoys taking problems and finding creative solutions for them, making our computers work for us instead of the other way around. While he can't actually breathe out 1s and 0s, they do flow from his fingers (in groups of 8, of course).

Do you have a problem that needs a solution? Sic the Bit Badger on it!

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