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These solutions can take several different forms.

Process Automation and User Engagement

Do you have a process that requires recording the same thing multiple times? Do you have information in different places, but you need it all together? This solution is for you. Learn more about how our solutions automate processes and engage users.

Information Publicizing and Blogging

From its inception, the Web has been about information. Do you need to get information out about an upcoming event? Are you wanting to start blogging, or breathe some fresh life into an existing blog? Those are but a few of the problems that this solution solves. Find out more about our information publicizing and blogging solutions (including WordPress and statically-generated sites).

Web Services and APIs

Do you have a need for multiple computers to talk to each other? Do you have an interesting data set that you want to make available to the public? A web service or API may be just the solution for you. Learn about web services, along with examples of current solutions.

Open Source Projects

We do not just bring the best of open source to bear on your problem; we actively support several libraries and applications that are publicly available. See these projects and libraries for yourself.

Legacy Data Sharing

Do you have data that's old - and by “old,” we aren't talking “iPhone 6” old, we're talking “this data could run for President” old? Just because the information is in an older “legacy” system doesn't mean it has to stay there. Learn how our solutions can help get this data where you and your customers can access it more easily.

Why Web-Based?

Web-based solutions have many advantages:

  • They can be used just on a local, private network (an intranet) or on the public Internet.
  • They are available to any device connected to the network.
  • They require no special software; every device has a browser - which you're using to read this!)
  • They can get your most critical needs met first, then evolved and improved over time.

What Is a “Bit Badger”?

Read the Bit Badger's origin story.

Solutions to Your Problems

We'd be happy to discuss your information technology needs, and which of our solutions are right for you. Just e-mail us and let us know what we can do for you! You can also browse a complete list of our current and previous solutions.