The Problem

Daniel wanted to maintain a prayer journal, where he could record the prayer requests for which he had prayed, and the answer that eventually came to that request. He didn't want to do that on paper for several reasons - it's easy to lose, a long-running request can run out of space to make notes, etc.

The Solution

We created a site where users can enter requests, pray through lists of these requests, make notes on them, and follow them through until they are answered. The site stores no identifying information, and works well on both desktop and mobile. Bit Badger Solutions hosts and maintains the instance of the site linked above.

The Process

Development of myPrayerJournal began in earnest in early 2017. As we were using this to learn new techniques, we ended up trying a host of different front and back end technologies before settling on Vue.js for the front end and Giraffe for the back end. This combination works well, and we wrote up an 8-post series entitled "A Tour of myPrayerJournal" over on the Bit Badger Blog that steps through all aspects of version 1 of this application.

Version 2 changed to a Material Design interface, and we changed the data store from PostgreSQL to RavenDB, an excellent document database. There were some issues with the component library used, though, so version 3 followed thereafter. It utilizes a local document database (LiteDB), and uses htmx to provide the SPA feel with very little front-end JavaScript. This version also got a 5-post tour of its own.

As this is an open-source project, anyone can review the source code on GitHub; we also track open issues there.

The Technology Stack

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