Riehl World News

The Client

Dan Riehl began blogging as The Carnivorous Conservative back in 2004, specializing in the areas of crime and politics. He changed to Riehl World View a short time later, and writes both news and opinion pieces. He was a prolific blogger, publishing over 15 posts a day on most days.

The Problem

He wanted to take his blog in a different direction, and was having trouble getting his Movable Type blog to move with him.

The Solution

We stood up a WordPress site on a server he procured. We then assisted him in selecting a theme and customized it to his liking. Finally, we wrote custom migration code to get his past body of work into the new site. In 2018, we generated static files for most of his prior posts, to give him a clean slate for a new direction. We continue to maintain and support Riehl World News.

The Technology Stack

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