The Bit Badger Blog

The Problem

Daniel needed a place to journal his learning journey with the Linux operating system, and thought that allowing others read this journal would help them learn as well.

The Solution

The Bit Badger Blog contains that journal, plus tech tips and information for many different aspects of technology. It is written, maintained, and hosted by Bit Badger Solutions.

The Process▼

The initial posts were titled “My Linux Adventure,” and existed as static files that were edited to add each post. Daniel then wrote a rudimentary system that stored the posts in a database, which meant that the entire site did not need manual changes – what a breakthrough! :)

Over time, the Bit Badger Blog (and the DJS Consulting Tech Blog before it) has served as a place to support (now inactive) WordPress plug-ins, and go in depth on servers, databases, programming languages, and open-source software. It has also served as a useful live website for learning and experimentation with different content management systems and blogging tools. It has existed in at least 8 different tools, with links preserved as systems change.

It is currently hosted on an v2-alpha version of myWebLog, and its theme is open source (link soon). New posts are infrequent, but the information it has is good. It may have more behind-the-scenes posts about future open-source efforts. Stay tuned!

The Technology Stack

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