Webshots: Wine Strikes Again!

Posted by Daniel on Friday, September 10, 2004 at 12:00 am

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When I ran Windows as my desktop, I had a program called WebShots that I used to set my desktop wallpaper, and cycle it. They have Windows and Mac versions, but no Linux version yet. They still send me e-mails each week, showing the daily picture selections for each day in the past week. I decided to download the Windows version, and install in under wine to see if it would work. I moved websamp.exe to /home/summersd/.wine/fake_windows, then ran wine C:\\websamp.exe to install the program. wine "C:\\Program Files\\Webshots\\Launcher.exe" then started the desktop control. I used that to disable the tray icon (wine has one, but you can't see it), and I disabled almost every other “auto update” feature.

I had downloaded a “.wbz” file (which is what is imported into WebShots), and I finally figured out how to import it. Running the launcher program, and following it with the name of the .wbz file, imports it. I may figure out a way to automate that, but for now, I know how to do it.

(Note: This is the end of the “My Linux Adventure” series of posts. After this, I ended up going back to Windows XP, just because it worked and I didn't have hobbyist time. As of May 2007, I'm running Ubuntu 7.04 on one computer, and Windows Vista on my laptop, which is currently out of commission.)