xine-ui 0.99.5 RPM

Posted by Daniel on Tuesday, August 21, 2007 at 9:15 pm

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Below is the RPM for xine-ui version 0.99.5. This RPM has been built a little differently. First, it was built on Ubuntu Linux and converted to RPM using alien. Second, I could not quickly figure out how to get the files tagged for the 0.99.5 release, so this build includes changes committed after the official 0.99.5 release. I ran the UI through some paces, and no glaring errors jumped out. Be sure to check out the About the xine RPMs post for more information.

xine-ui - The user interface

To use this, you'll also need xine-lib - as of this release, the most recent release of xine-lib is 1.1.7.

(To save disk space, only the current release and two prior releases will be maintained.)