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This library provides idiomatic F# extensions on the outstanding C# RethinkDB driver. It enables a style that requires fewer parentheses and less chaining, and the type signatures help guide the user to write ReQL statements correctly.

How to Get It

Nuget (with prereleases)The RethinkDb.Driver.FSharp package is available on NuGet; either install it via the command-line, or the graphical interface of your IDE of choice.

How to Use It

Connecting to RethinkDB

The driver contains configuration parsing logic that makes configuration a one-line statement.

Querying Data

How to Improve It

The best way to improve is to use it; there really is no substitute for multiple eyes trying all their unique needs and finding where the rough edges are. Once you find those edges, tell us about it. Any lack of completeness is due to oversight; if the C# driver supports it, this driver can too.