Cassy Fiano

The Client

Cassy Fiano (now Cassy Chesser) began blogging back in 2007 on Blogger. She worked hard to network with other bloggers, wrote prolifically, and gained a large audience with her coverage of life issues and of Sarah Palin as the first female Republican vice-presidential nominee.

The Problem

With her success, Cassy was quickly outgrowing Blogger. She was interested in moving to a different platform; specifically, Movable Type, as she had some authoring experience with that platform.

The Solution

We migrated her content to a WordPress site, and customized a theme to look very similar to her Blogger theme (which she liked). We maintained the site, and began hosting it a few years later.

The Epilogue

Cassy formally decommissioned this site in early 2014.

The Process

The Technology Stack

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