The Clearinghouse Management System

The Client

Love INC of South Albuquerque runs a “needs clearinghouse”; they have volunteers who accept donations, and people contact them with their needs. They are then able to match the person who needs something with that thing, or with someone who can assist them.

The Problem

The files in their offices were multiplying; ensuring people's needs are not missed, while ensuring that their clients were not taking advantage of their services, required a lot of paper. They were tracking volunteers on a spreadsheet, but their contact info was in yet another file. Having worked with us on the “Not So Extreme Makeover: Community Edition”, they thought that the solution we developed for that project would help them.

The Solution

We adapted NSXapp to handle an ongoing stream of people, volunteers, and donations. This enabled them to spend more time with the people who needed help. The WordPress front end also served as their public website, and allowed them to manage the volunteers who were using the system.

The Epilogue

Love INC of South Albuquerque found a SalesForce system that would do things very similar to TCMS, and they qualified for a program that let them use it at no cost. In the absence of other clients, TCMS was decommissioned in 2014.

The Technology Stack

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