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This library is an IDistributedCache implementation for use in ASP.NET Core applications that uses RethinkDB for its backing data store.

How to Get It

Nuget (with prereleases) The package is on NuGet; install it via the command-line or the graphical interface of your favorite IDE.

How to Use It

Ensure You Have a RethinkDB Connection

The caching provider does not try to obtain its own RethinkDB connection; it must be provided to it when it is registered. RethinkDB is well supported in .NET, in both C# and F#. The remainder of the examples assume that you have a configured IConnection object named conn.

Quick Start in C#

using RethinkDB.DistributedCache;

// within ASP.NET Core service configuration
builder.Services.AddDistributedRethinkDBCache(opts => opts.Connection = conn);

Quick Start in F#

open RethinkDB.DistributedCache

// within ASP.NET Core service configuration
let _ = builder.Services.AddDistributedRethinkDBCache(fun opts ->
    opts.Connection <- conn)

Configuration Options

In addition to Connection, there are four other options you can configure.

How to Improve It

If you have ideas for improving this project, feel free to open up an issue and let us know!