Dr. Melissa Clouthier

The Client

Dr. Melissa Clouthier (now Mackenzie) blogged from the political right; she also covered health issues and social media techniques and utilization.

The Problem

She had seen our work with Cassy's site, also wanted to move off Blogger; however, she did not want to lose her years of posts up to that point.

The Solution

We created a custom theme for her site, imported the content into a WordPress site, and created a specialized front-page template. She obtained hosting elsewhere; Bit Badger Solutions maintained it there.

(NOTE: The thumbnail of the site represents a new skin on the original theme; while the theme is the same, Bit Badger Solutions did not create the graphics.)

The Epilogue

Melissa decommissioned this site in 2018; we took final snapshots of the data before shutting it down.

The Process

The Technology Stack

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