Dr. Melissa Clouthier

The Client

Dr. Melissa Clouthier (now Mackenzie) blogged from the political right; she also covered health issues and social media techniques and utilization.

The Problem

She had seen our work with Cassy's site, also wanted to move off Blogger; however, she did not want to lose her years of posts up to that point.

The Solution

We created a custom theme for her site, imported the content into a WordPress site, and created a specialized front-page template. She obtained hosting elsewhere; Bit Badger Solutions maintained it there.

(NOTE: The thumbnail of the site represents a new skin on the original theme; while the theme is the same, Bit Badger Solutions did not create the graphics.)

The Epilogue

Melissa decommissioned this site in 2018; we took final snapshots of the data before shutting it down.

The Process

Initially, we created the theme based off another well-known blogger's site, which had been developed by one of WordPress's core contributors. We also advised on the type of hosting she would need for her site, and moved several domains there. We also took care of regular backups of her data.

The Technology Stack

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