Liberty Pundits

The Client

Melissa Clouthier, Bill Dupray, and Clyde Middleton, all established conservative bloggers, started a joint venture called Liberty Pundits.

The Problem

Bill and Clyde had a significant amount of content on a prior site. As they were starting this with established authors, they needed a site that would handle their expected traffic spikes on popular posts.

The Solution

In early 2010, we migrated their content from a custom solution into WordPress's database; we then set them up on the same host where their podcast was being distributed. However, the combination of theme complexity and traffic overwhelmed that server, so we configured a standalone server with more memory and more efficient software; this allowed them to routinely eclipse 100,000 views per day, most of those coming on posts within the first few hours.

The Epilogue

The site closed in late 2011, as its authors closed their joint venture and moved on to other sites and topics.

The Process

Before we could migrate the data from Patriot Room, Bill and Clyde’s prior home, we had to get into the server and determine how data was stored in the custom solution. Once we identified where all the data was, we wrote a custom migration script to shape the data the way WordPress needed it.

Bit Badger Solutions maintained the server, keeping it current with performance and security upgrades. We also provided support to the primary 3 bloggers, when they had questions about WordPress or how the site was performing.

The Technology Stack

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